BLUE ART LIST – PRESS RELEASE No1 – Welcome, 365 paintings hung on the street…

BLUE ART LIST – PRESS RELEASE No1 –  29th Oct 2015


The Blue Art List is an occasional mailing list bringing you art information from our corner.  We aim to bring you news of artists, exciting art events and things happening down here in the artistic undergrowth. The aim here is to provide a bridge between the art and artists and those involved in the running of art spaces, galleries and the art media, we wish to feed you with information, we hope you’ll like what we have to offer.

Today we focus on a piece of work from East London artist Sean Worrall. The #365ArtDrops piece started back on January 1st and has been evolving throughout the year

365artdrops_b #365ArtDrops, A year-long piece of work, from Sean Worrall, a piece consisting of 365 parts, 365 paintings on recycled found things. The piece of work started on January 1st 2015 and will end on December 31st. Each painting on a found unwanted thing, things found on the street, recycled, worked on and then put back out on the street for people to take should they wish to. Each piece is numbered and with #365ArtDrops hashtag on the back so finders can send in photos and become part of the piece via social media.

Most of the parts of the piece have gone out in London, part have however turned up all over the world. People have been posting social media photos of the pieces and reporting their finds from all over the globe

The piece has been documented by Sean via social media as well as on his own blog. There are 78 more parts to go before the final part is hung on the street on December 31st

365artdrops_bThere’s an interesting interview piece on the drops here on the website of the East London arts newspaper East End Review

After three years spend running the very busy Cultivate art space in Vyner Street, East London, before the once much loved street fell to the greed of developers and (nearly) all the gallery doors were closed, Sean has spent most of 2015 in the studio.  Well besides the big Warehouse show called Play that happened in London Fields back in June, well actually there’s been a lot of shows and events this busy year, but Sean has mostly been taking a break from running a gallery and using the time painting some larger pieces of work. That and regularly writing about art and music via the very busy Organ blog – Art, music, underculture

For more information on the #365ArtDrops, for hi-res images  or to talk to Sean please do contact us here at The Blue Art List.   We welcome any interaction, thought, coverage or response


Sean’s web – Sean Worrall
#365ArtDrops Tumblr feed
Sean on Twitter

Organ – Art, music, underculture

The Blue Art List is brought to you by the team at Studio 43 / Cultivate  Thank you.

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