Blue Art List No4 – leaves, tunnels, what is this about?


The Blue Art List No4:   Firstly, thanks to everyone who came along, covered, filmed, previewed and wrote about the Diane Goldie show her rather unique world at the Vaults Gallery, Waterloo, SE London. How good was that opening night! Brightest art event of the year surely? if you weren’t dancing in that tunnel with Diane and her tribe you missed something special, “all about wearable art as politics” so Diane says. There’s some Organ coverage of the opening night here and a YouTube that hints a little bit of that feeling in the tunnel..

Diane’s show is over now but if you do with to talk to her or know more please just ask, there’s some exciting art going on down here in the undergrowth

sw_leaves_8nov_2Sean Worrall‘s year-long #365ArtDrops piece goes on, 315 pieces out there now – More details on this year long piece of art here    One of the pieces hung just off Brick Lane, East London, ended up in Missouri, another hanging in a gallery in Margate, all about the # and the social media interaction

Sean has also been leaving a series of pieces all over London called LEAVES – a series of works left to blow away. The leaf pieces, a play on the leafheart tag that often features,  have been appearing in parks, on pavements and streets all over London over the last few weeks..

This Blue Art List  is an occasional mailing list bringing you art news information from our corner.  We aim to bring you news of artists, art events and things happening down here in the artistic undergrowth. The plan here is to provide a bridge between the art and artists and those involved in the running of the art spaces, the galleries and the art media, we wish to feed you with information, we hope you’ll like what we have to offer, we hope you’ll use it, share it, cover it, feature it, write about it… come and talk to us.

sw_leaves_1nov_1Organ has been around since the late 80’s covering music, art, underculture, it has a different times been a hand paint zine, a glossy print magazine, a weekly TV show, a radio show, it has branched and evolved to become a record label, an East London art gallery and lots more.  These days Organ is a widely read daily blog with a worldwide following, bringing you an Organ thing everyday…

The Blue Art List is brought to you by the team at Cultivate/Studio 43/Organ.


You are on this list because you’ve contacted us in the past or we think you might be interested in art and the activity of some of the artists we work with, if you don’t wish to know then please feel free to unsubscribe. We promise not to bombard you with information or mail outs but we would like to tell you about artists, events and such now and again

And of course if you have something you think we should be covering that you are doing via Organ please do get in touch. . .


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