PRESS RELEASE: Cultivate presents Fragile and more pro-active cross-pollination…


Cutivate returns once more to Dalston and that beautiful basement gallery known as BSMT Space for the third in a trilogy of artist-led group shows  .

Opening on Thursday February 9th at 6pm, Fragile will be another gathering of pro-active artists and another maximalist exercise in artist-led cross-pollination. A room alive with contemporary painters, street art flavours, performers, print makers and more….

Opening on Thursday evening and then a short sharp shock of a show through the weekend and closing on Sunday, no messing about, just artists, walls, people and….  Once more this is about taking art and artists out of those comfortable little boxes that the London art scene appears to need, mixing things up, messing with the rules, nothing fragile.

Last time show curators Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall invited a wallpaper printer (currently hanging in the V&A), alongside a street artist currently painting East London walls, a London dress-maker currently raging against London Fashion week, a contemporary painter currently exploring the view found through a circle, a performance artist freshly returned from her LA performance next to a pro-active artist still questioning the destruction of the mining communities, this time…. well come and see

Opening night is on Thursday 9th Feb, 6-9pm at BSMT Space, 5d Stoke Newington, Dalston (then open Fri, Sat, Sun February 10th – 12th, 11am until 6pm)

OPENING NIGHT PERFORMANCES: Amy Kingsmill, Marnie Scarlet


Emma and I shall be pulling the  final bits of the line up together in the coming days, we like to hold back a little space for some spontaneous last minute gathering together of things like a banner or two from that Anti-Trump Woman’s March last week (have you got one? Did you see Cait’s, she’d call him what?). Expect a couple more names to be added to the Fragile list before the window closes.

BSMT SPACE is at 5d Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 8BH

CULTIVATE can be found at


BLUE ART LIST press release11: Opening this Thursday, Debaser, an art show underground…

Debaser: Cultivating in a basement, artists doing it ourselves, doing it on our terms…
debaser_march2016v2The next Cultivate event will happen this week at the rather exciting BSMT Space over in Dalston, London N16. A cross-pollinating group show curated by Cultivate the team of Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, the busy show will open on Thursday evening March 24th at 6pm, all are welcome.

“We’re not about grand manifestos or wordy statements or cultivating a new whatever, we’re simply about proactive artists just getting on and doing it, we’re about making art happen on our terms, we’re about the artists who excite us enough to make us want to share our space with them…”

Once again, in the style of the recent Reveal and Play shows (one in an East London railway arch, the other in a condemned warehouse), Debaser will be a coming together of artistic styles, expect the more adventurous rule-breaking side of street art jousting with contemporary fine artists, print makers, painterly painters, performers and more. Expect a four day gathering of pro-active artists in a rather exciting basement art space over in Dalston. London N16.


Cultivate - Play...

Cultivate – Play…

Debaser will open on Thursday evening March 24th at 6pm (open until 9pm) and then run from 11am until 7pm from Friday March 25th until Sunday March 27th


BSMT Space can be found at 5D Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BH. Just up from Dalston Overground station, on the main high street, just by the Vortex and such…If I were you, I’d come on the Friday when Ridley Road Market was in full swing…

In the next few months. as the days grow longer, expect Cultivate events to happen on a boat on the Regent’s canal, in  amongst the glorious colour of a tailor’s shop in East London, back under a railway bridge in Hackney, in an open-air square at the foot of Tower Bridge, and just maybe in a conventional art gallery or two as well, oh and back at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair on Sunday June 12th, always one of our favourite days of the year  Cultivate will be five this year, five years of doing it our way…

For more information, images, or to talk to the artists or anyone involved in the show please contact Ellie at the Blue Art List by return of e.mail – cultivate.studio43 at


BLUE ART LIST: A round up of the Reveal show….

Welcome to our 2016, The Blue Art List is about connecting artists & art events to those those involved in the running of art spaces and to those involved in the art media, please do make contact if you want to know more, if you wish to be on the list and receive our information.

Reveal - opening night.

Reveal – opening night.

We ended last year by sharing details of the Reveal show with you, thanks to those of you who posted, blogged and generally share the news and the press release.  Good to see the Humans of Greater London website came along to the opening night and featured a couple of the artists and indeed colourful people who attended the opening via their social media….

Reveal - opening, Amy Kingsmill, Sean Worrall

Reveal – opening, Amy Kingsmill, Sean Worrall

Here’s some fresh Organ magazine coverage of Cultivate‘s Reveal show over in East London that we press released ahead of the rather busy event. A review of the opening night and a small feature on one of the artists involved. .

ORGAN THING: Reveal, An Art Show in a Railway Arch, the opening night reviewed… Reveal,  the show opened last Thursday evening in an East London railway arch, deliberately timed to happen as early in the year as possible, hopefully the first London art show of 2016, actually for once there was quite few things worth exploring on the first Thursday of the new year. Reveal happened at a space called Fount London, a white-walled railway arch right by London Fields over in Hackney, East London,  A show put together by read on

ORGAN THING: Megan Pickering, Will Anyone Re-blog This?  Megan Pickering is one of the more intriguing of the current crop of London-based artists. It isn’t easy to pin down what it was about the artist from Durham that first ignited curiosity and demanded we take a closer look? Was it the powerful sound of that film she… read on

REVEAL opening

REVEAL opening

The full list of artists taking part in Reveal read Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill, Caroline Reed, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, Emma Harvey, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Patrick Morrissey/Hans Hancock, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Sean Worrall, Skeleton Cardboard and ThisOne, please do ask if you need any more information or wish to talk to any of the artists, they are all available to talk and such…

And while we’re here, you might like to check out Organ’s take on the 2015 art year…

ORGAN: How was art in 2015? Felt up in a sex shop? Giant cats? It all opens tomorrow morning… End of year full stops? The best of the music that passed this way has already been rounded up on the previous page, all tied in a red new year bow and thrown your way, but what about the art? How was 2015 in terms of art? Here’s the pick of our adventures in art galleries, on streets, on-line and…read on

Marnie Scarlet @ Reveal

Marnie Scarlet @ Reveal




Reveal_jan2016Blue Art List No5:  CULTIVATE REVEALS FIRST SHOW OF 2016

Reveal will almost certainly be the first Cultivate event of 2016, although the opening night of Reveal isn’t until Thursday January 7th, so who knows, there may well be some Cultivation before that, we intend having another pro-active maximalist year of cultivation.

Reveal with take place at Fount London, a pristine white-walled space by London Fields. The address is Arches, 358-260, Westgate Street, London, E8 3RN

Reveal will open at 6pm on Thursday 7th January and run until 6pm on Sunday 11th January. (open 10am until 6pm from Friday 8th Jan).

For those who don’t know, Cultivate started life as a rather vocal artist run space back in 2011, for the first three and a bit years, Cultivate was very deliberately based right in the middle of the then East London art establishment that was Vyner Street. We enjoyed 112 shows and events during the a never-ever-closed three an a bit defiant years in the street. Vyner Street is pretty much no more (when we moved in there was 14 galleries or art spaces, last time we checked there was two hanging on). the buildings once alive with art have all fallen to the developers, some knocked down, some taken over, a once very exciting and rather unique street is, as far as art is concerned, pretty much no more. Cultivate spent 2015 moving about, shows and events in all kinds of places – great big East London warehouse shows, seaside shows, gallery shows, even a dog show…

Cultivate, "Play" (in an East London warehouse, 2015)

Cultivate, “Play” (in an East London warehouse, 2015)

Cultivate will continue with the nomadic takeover of interesting spaces big and small for their first event of 2016. Reveal will happen in the East London railway arch that is home to the recently opened Fount London complex.

Reveal will reveal new work from Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey,

Reveal will also continue with the tradition of revealing fresh work from artists that currently excite us, including one or two who have never revealed themselves at Cultivate before. Expect a typically busy Cultivate group show and a long weekend of New Year artistic intent, expect cross-pollination, expect artists who don’t usually show with each other, expect painters jousting with performance, expect sculpture, print



Expect painting, sculpture, performance, art, artists and more on the opening Thursday night and throughout the weekend both inside and outside the white-walled railway arch of a Hackney gallery.

Fount is found over the road from Hackney’s ever popular Netil Market and a two minute walk from London Fields railway station, as well as the busy food-filled thing that is Broadway Market and London Fields itself.

More details of events and artists to be announced over the next couple of weeks via the Cultivate blog and the various social media platforms that we all know and love, there’s a Facebook event page here

Artists confirmed for Reveal so far include the extremely colourful media manipulator Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie fresh from her triumph down in Leake Tunnel, Emma Harvey, John Lee Bird revealing his ongoing Before Encore, Megan Pickering, performance artist Marnie Scarlet, Sean Worrall, Skeleton Cardboard, black and white street artist ThisOne, more to be revealed in the coming days…

Cultivate - "Play" 2015

Cultivate – “Play” 2015

more details via Blue Art List –