BLUE ART LIST: Sean Worrall’s show The Fruit Shop opens over at Columbia Road, London E2

Sean Worrall, Cultivate co-founder and pro-active East London painter, opens a new solo show in an old green groucers shop over by the flower Market next week

Following on from 2018’s year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece, a piece of work that took in the Byline Festival, Deptford X and the Leytonstone Arts Trail, Sean Worrall takes a short break from the constant Cultivating and presenting of works from other artists via Cultivate to open The Fruit Shop. The Fruit Shop also follows on from Sean’s take over of a working Edwardian tailor’s shop in Hackney with fellow painter Emma Harvey back in 2016 (Sean was brought up in a shop, his parents ran a newsagents, little shops and market stalls are in his blood, the plight of Ridley Road Market is bothering him at the moment)

The Fruit Shop opens on the evening of Thursday April 4th (6pm until 9pm) at Shipton Street Gallery, an East London gallery for over ten years now, the space is a former greengrocer’s shop that still has the old till and some of the fittings.  The show opens on the evening of the 4th, the gallery will then be open over two weekends, two Saturdays and Sundays, 11am until 5pm on April 6th/7th and April 13th/14th (the gallery is also someone’s home, it normally only opens it on Sundays),  You find the gallery on Shipton Street, at the top end of Columbia Road, the flower market and everything that comes with the rather unique space. Everyone is welcome to the opening of course, nonr of that get on a list nonsense

A SEAN WORRALL solo show and busy walls packed with fruit and more, a solo show but a show also featuring guest artists CHARLIE McFARLEY, SOFIA MARTINS-GRAY, SUZIE PINDAR (The Naked Artist), YULIA ROBINSON and CHRIS DEWIRE

A Fruit Shop? It works like this; “I love small shops, I grew up in shops, I love market stalls, recently I was reminded how much I love just painting fruit. I was walking through Ridley Road Market over in Dalston, I love walking through the reality of Ridley Road Market, I was buying a big bag or oranges, you get great deals over there at Ridley Road, go support the local market traders rather than the corporation multi national supermarket with all that packaging that isn’t needed. The man doing the selling of the oranges said “here painter man, have a lemon to paint”, that was back in January. I’ve been rediscovering my love of still life and the simple pleasure of painting fruit ever since, I’ve had Peter Prendergast shouting in my ear about looking at it properly, I’ve been painting new layers of fruit over old things, on found bits of wood, cardboard from the street (by the way do look up Peter Prendergast if you don’t know of him, wonderful Welsh painter, brilliant man). I;ve been painting oranges from Hackney,, juicy looking pomegranates, grapefruit from Well Street, Lemons from London bridge (okay, I admit I did get that one from a supermarket, it was late, I was walking home from the White Cube and the opening night of Tracey Emin’s show, my review is here and a second look here by the way). I hadn’t planed to show the fruit paintings, I was just enjoying doing the painting, there was no great plan, but then then Pete from the gallery over by Columbia Road said you need an old shop to show that fruit in and yes, of course I did…A solo show, busy walls, walls packed with paintings of fruit and more..”

WHY GUEST ARTISTS?  “Yes, The Fruit Shop will be a solo show and return to the gallery that was once a much loved local greengrocer’s shop, I love that the old till and some of the shop fittings are still there, I love that the older locals come in and tell us about it, that was one of the best things about last year’s six week residency at Shipton Street Gallery, the engagement with the people from the local estate, the tales of the locals who took the time to come in, the conversations with a reving socialist who was once Thatcher’s Butler at Number Ten, that’s the reason for going back rather than just the colour of the Sunday flower Market.  A two week solo show but there will be three or four of guest artists on the walls or plinths, I’ve included guest artists at all of my solo shows over the last ten years, small areas of a solo show to expose the work of other artists that were exciting me at the time, I don’t see why all artists don’t do it? Bands do it all the time, “special guests”, you feel cheated when there’s no opening band, I’ve discovered some of my favourite bands by just getting there early to see who the special guest is, why don’t artists do it? Special guests at previous solo shows have included, Maria Slovakova, Carne Griffiths, Twinklle Troughton, Skeleton Cardboard, Quiet British Accent, Chantal Powell, Rosso, This One, Elisabeth Osbourne and quite a few more (whatever happened to Elisabeth? she was, and hopefully still is, an excellent painter, I send her a text or an e.mail every few months, no reply and I never see her taking part in other shows, I hope she’s still out there, I hope she’s still painting, she was a gueats at the Kensal Green Cemetery show a few year back, excellent painter). I’ve always thought artists should have “special guests” or “support bands” at their solo shows. imagine if it was a regular thing, something all artists did, what if say Tracey Emin had three pieces of art from three guest artists that most people had never heard of hanging on that empty wall down by the toilets in the White Cube? Or what if so and so did it, or thingy? What if some of the artists I’ve invited to do it did it as well? Artists on the whole are not good at supporting each other (besides turning up at opening nights to drink all the free wine that is) , it is something I will always try do, well no, not try, it is something I will always do. no “try” about it – just a small area of a gallery, and it will have to be a small area this time, Shipton Street Gallery is a beautiful little space, it will be an intimate show.

This time I shall be giving a little wall space to a born and bread Hackney-based street artist called Charlie McFarley (although I do believe he’s been gentrified out of East London now) a photographer called Sofia Martins-Gray who really does paint so beautifully with her Polaroid camera and as I won’t be using (all) the gallery plinths I shall be be handing a couple of them over to an artist called Yulia Robinson and her Pomegranate sculptures (she is mostly a painter, not always though,.Suzie Pinder (aka the Naked Artist) will have a couple of things on the wall, something ot d owith  oranges not being the only fruit, and I’ve also invited a wonderful painter from York called Chris Dewire who I only discovered last week, saw one of his paintings for sale on an on-line auction site, had to bid on it, I won it, it looks even better in the flesh so I invited him to join us with a small painting or two”

Sean Worrall’s Fruit Shop opens on Thursday April 4th, 6pm until 9pm  Everyone is welcome, for more information please contact us at Cultivate.  Sean is available ot talk or to answer e.mail questions or to meet during the show at the gallery or at the hang the day before.

Sean Worrall




Blue Art List: Today we bring news of Intent, an art show in two parts…

Blue Art List: The aim of this occasional pr mailing list is to bring you people involved in galleries, involved in the art media, you beautiful art blog writers and such news of artist-led events, news of art events, gallery shows, artists and things…

Today we bring news of Intent, an art show in two parts…

INTENT (Part Two) – Cultivate at BSMT Space. (opening night Thursday January 18th)

“The second part of Cultivate’s first show of 2018. Intent (Part Two) will be an art exhibition, a group show, for group shows are vital things, a group show brought to you by Cultivate (and Organ), this time at Dalston’s BSMT Space Gallery.

Expect contemporary painting, performance, expect street art flavours, installation, expect textiles, words, expect attitude, expect oil paint, spray paint, expect cross pollination, contradiction and the ignoring of rules, expect intent. Entry is free, the “private view” is never private, everyone is welcome at our shows, none of that get on the list or ringing on the doorbell nonsense, the door is open, come in and explore..

“The Intent is for an art show to happen in two parts in two places, the Intent is to have an art show in two parts with both parts happening at the same time Intent (Part One) will follow our rather successful on-line group show experiments of 2017 and will happen via the Cultivate website as well as the ever busy Organ website. Intent (Part Two) will happen physically via the gallery walls and floors down in that underground basement gallery known as BSMT Space (over on the borders of Hackney in Dalston, just up from Dalston overground station),

Intent (Part Two) will open at 6pm on Thursday January 18th at BSMT Space, opening night 6pm until 9pm (and probably later). Bring your own drink, we spent all our money on paint, canvas. The show will then run from Friday Jan 19th until Sunday Jan 21st, 11am until 6pm.

The show curated by SEAN WORRALL and EMMA HARVEY, will feature the following artists; AMANDA LWIN, AMY OLIVER, ANNA CHOUTOVA, BEATA BURDELAK, DAY BOWMAN, DEBORAH GRIFFIN, EMMA HARVEY, IVY PANESAR, JAMES BELL, JO EVANS, KUT, MARNIE SCARLETT, MIA JANE HARRIS, NAOMIE EDMONDSON, NIKOLAI KOZIN, PETER D’ALESSANDRI, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SALLY JONES, SEAN WORRALL, SOFIA MARTINS, VESNA PARCHET, YI ZHANG and probably one or two more. Expect a spoken word performance from Marnie Scarlett on the open night and expect other things to happen during the weekend BSMT Space can be found at 5d Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston, London, N16 8BH. More details via

For more information, images, details of the artists please do get in touch.  Opening of part one is on-line at 6pm Tuesday January 2018 and opening night of Part two is at BSMT Space gallery on Thursday 18th January


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This mailing list is about getting information about artists, shows, galleries to those we think might be interested in these kind of things, to the arts media, the galleries, the bloggers……

The tenth annual Leytonstone Arts Trail will feature the work of over 100 artists in more than 40 locations as all manner of venues are transformed into temporary galleries over nine days in July.

Started by a small group in 2008 and entirely self-funded and run by volunteers, the egalitarian entry criteria attract a diverse range of artists from hobbyists to professionals, with ages from primary school to pensioners. Each year evolves its own personality and surprise hits owing to the particular mix of participating artists and hosting organisations.


Cafes, pubs, churches, art studios, a number of homes and even a garden shed within the borders of Leytonstone will host artworks in all media, with an eclectic range of events running alongside throughout.

The Trail will run from Saturday 1st July to Sunday 9th July; visitors are invited to devise their own Trail routes using the maps on the Trail Guide or the website.

Trail events this year include live poetry, performance art, drop-in workshops and a tactile game about life; all are free or very minimal entrance charge.  Again, these are listed on the website and in the Guide so people can plan around their own interests.

This year, two large clusters of Trail locations are at the top of the High Road, making an ideal walk from the Quakers Meeting House via the North Star down to Leytonstone’s “Art Quarter” around Church Lane with venues including coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants, with further locations spreading out to the borders of the E11 postcodes.

Chris Davies, participating artist said:
“What I like about the trail is that it brings a rich variety of visual arts to Leytonstone – this has an uplifting effect on a great number of people and brings communities together.”


Naoise McGeer, Head of Art at Leytonstone School said:
“The Arts Trail provides our students with the opportunity to have their work viewed alongside successful practising artists in the borough.”

The Trail reaches out to the local community inviting all to enjoy the creative diversity Leytonstone can offer. It makes art accessible to everyone, both as producers and consumers.

The full programme list is available now on and the printed Guide will be available from participating venues later this month.

Further information and a press pack including high resolution versions of the images below can be found at


About us
The Leytonstone Arts Trail is an annual festival of visual arts in Leytonstone run entirely by volunteers. It provides an opportunity for anyone to show their work regardless of age or training. Participants display their work in a variety of venues and the public is invited to enjoy all the exhibitions and events free of charge / at cost­ recovery, so that the Arts Trail increases the enjoyment of all living, working and visiting the area. The Trail has grown each year from 2007; this year has 36 exhibitions and 11 events with over 100 artists participating.

Contact: Siobhan Davies
Twitter: @Leytonstone_Art

Images are displayed on artists listings on the website. Permissions should be sought from individual artists to use images from the website.  Artists contacts are supplied on each listing and generally respond within 24 hrs.

High resolution logos can be downloaded from the website on

Selection of images available via the website


As always if you’re a blogger or an art writer then your coverage, support, news stories and such via your blogs and websites are more than welcome and of course very much appreciated,

If you’re a gallery, artist or curator please do take a look or come along, come and interact, check out the art and the artists, come and explore what we’re doing

For more information please contact Ellie Scott at Blue Art List or Sean at Cultivate (e.mail – info @ or phone 07713 181633)

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PRESS RELEASE: Gold, one final splash of shining art in the basement this Thursday…


PRESS RELEASE: Gold, one final splash of shining art in the basement this Thursday…

Gold, the final four day splash of a show in the space for this year so they say, the final show of what has been a rather positive year down in that basement art gallery down beneath that busy street over in Dalston, London, N16.  BSMT Space have had a rather good year, somewhere in the middle of that year they celebrated being their underground space for twelve months and then they carried on filling the basement space with a whole array of stimulating art. The focus tends to lean towards the urban side of life, the art of the street, slices of graff, street art, their most recent triumph was a show called Right Side of The Tracks – Rocco, Marr and Chaos,  and a gallery cut in half by rail-yard fencing and the living smell of spray paint – although thoughts letting of “the bombs” at BSMT Space are not afraid to mix things up when they need to. And art does need to be mixed up, rules are for breaking, now and again in needs to be Debased.  Gold is the final show of the year at Dalston’s BSMT Space

SAKI & Bitches

SAKI & Bitches


“BSMT SPACE presents ‘Gold’ our final show of 2016. This four-day splash exhibition will feature a variety of work by a variety of Urban and Contemporary artists, selected to feature this precious metal in all its glory, some artists familiar to the space, some who will be making a debut at the gallery.  Join us on Thursday, December 15th to send off this year in festive BSMT SPACE style. There will be tipple, affordable and collectable art and an opportunity to bask in the gleaming reflection of a menagerie of golden pieces.

Opening night Thursday December 15th, 6-10pm, then Friday to Sunday 12-7pm

“We ask all guests to bring with them on the evening or for the duration of the show a single donation of one of the items listed below. We will be taking all the items to a local food bank to help ensure that, even in a small way, everyone is able to enjoy a bit of comfort over the festive season.  Items required:tinned fruit 400 grams, tea bags 80’s, dried pasta 500g, UHT milk 1 litre, breakfast cereals  Thank you for your support!”



ARTIST INVOLVED: Saki and Bitches, Loli Darko, Stedhead, Neon Savage, Christopher Cachelin, Lost Hills, Tommy Gurr, Sean Worrall, Yvonne Wayling, Ant Carver, Lidwine Titli, Gary Alford, Giusi Tomasello, Joe Sangre, Jane Mutiny, Day Z, George Hathaway, Arturo Garcia de las Heras, Sara Doucette, Carleen de Sozer, Paul Burgoine, The Real Dill, Bareface Art, 616 and Cityzen Kane


BSMT SPACE is at 5d Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 8BH

For more information or images please contact Ellie at the Blue Art List

As always your coverage, support, news stories and coverage via your blogs and websites are more than welcome and of course very much appreciated

Thanks, Ellie Scott, Blue Art List

The BLUE ART LIST is brought to you by the Cultivate team, you are on this mailing list because we think you might be interested in our occasional news of artists, art shows, events and more. Do please talk to us about what you are doing or if you would like to know more about anything covered via the list. Previous mailouts can be viewed on the Blue Art List website



BLUE ART LIST: PRESS RELEASE No2 – Enter the very colourful world of artist Diane Goldie down in a tunnel this Tuesday

BLUE ART LIST – PRESS RELEASE No2 –  30th Oct 2015

This Tuesday night and throughout the following weekend, you have the opportunity to enter the (very colourful) WORLD OF ARTIST DIANE GOLDIE

Diane Goldie

Diane Goldie

Artist, Feminist, former children’s entertainer and maker of wearable art , Diane Goldie is exhibiting her rather unique world at the Vaults Gallery, Waterloo, SE London from Tuesday 3rd of November. The show runs until Sunday 7th.

Diane Goldie

Diane Goldie

Her world is one of “colour, politics , vibrancy , quirkiness and intrigue”, there are strange crochet anthropomorphic creatures, painted goddess like soft sculptures, life paintings, drawings, puppets , highly charged political feminist paintings, and most of all wearable art, ranging from jewelled textile neck pieces to flamboyant kimonos.

And because Diane believes in the cooperative, she will be including work by her friends (her tribe) including that of renowned outsider artist and Fabulous Fashionista Sue Kreitzman, Stuckist painter Ella Guru, Latex performer extraordinaire and muse, Marnie Scarlet, portrait pop painter John Lee Bird, performance artist Amy Kingsmill, performance costume designer/artist Anne Sophie Cochevelou and many more.

The opening night will feature an anti fashion catwalk in the Leake Street tunnels just outside at 8pm where everyone is encouraged to dress as if no one is watching.

Leake Street tunnel

Leake Street tunnel

THE WORLD OF DIANE GOLDIE featuring Diane Goldie and friends opens on Tuesday November 3rd (6pm until 9pm) at The Vaults, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN with an “Anti Fashion” catwalk at 8pm in the tunnel on Leake Street. The show then runs until November 7th (open 11am until 7pm), entry is free. Expect more coverage from the opening here next week.

Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show