Blue Art List: Today we bring news of Intent, an art show in two parts…

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Today we bring news of Intent, an art show in two parts…

INTENT (Part Two) – Cultivate at BSMT Space. (opening night Thursday January 18th)

“The second part of Cultivate’s first show of 2018. Intent (Part Two) will be an art exhibition, a group show, for group shows are vital things, a group show brought to you by Cultivate (and Organ), this time at Dalston’s BSMT Space Gallery.

Expect contemporary painting, performance, expect street art flavours, installation, expect textiles, words, expect attitude, expect oil paint, spray paint, expect cross pollination, contradiction and the ignoring of rules, expect intent. Entry is free, the “private view” is never private, everyone is welcome at our shows, none of that get on the list or ringing on the doorbell nonsense, the door is open, come in and explore..

“The Intent is for an art show to happen in two parts in two places, the Intent is to have an art show in two parts with both parts happening at the same time Intent (Part One) will follow our rather successful on-line group show experiments of 2017 and will happen via the Cultivate website as well as the ever busy Organ website. Intent (Part Two) will happen physically via the gallery walls and floors down in that underground basement gallery known as BSMT Space (over on the borders of Hackney in Dalston, just up from Dalston overground station),

Intent (Part Two) will open at 6pm on Thursday January 18th at BSMT Space, opening night 6pm until 9pm (and probably later). Bring your own drink, we spent all our money on paint, canvas. The show will then run from Friday Jan 19th until Sunday Jan 21st, 11am until 6pm.

The show curated by SEAN WORRALL and EMMA HARVEY, will feature the following artists; AMANDA LWIN, AMY OLIVER, ANNA CHOUTOVA, BEATA BURDELAK, DAY BOWMAN, DEBORAH GRIFFIN, EMMA HARVEY, IVY PANESAR, JAMES BELL, JO EVANS, KUT, MARNIE SCARLETT, MIA JANE HARRIS, NAOMIE EDMONDSON, NIKOLAI KOZIN, PETER D’ALESSANDRI, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SALLY JONES, SEAN WORRALL, SOFIA MARTINS, VESNA PARCHET, YI ZHANG and probably one or two more. Expect a spoken word performance from Marnie Scarlett on the open night and expect other things to happen during the weekend BSMT Space can be found at 5d Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston, London, N16 8BH. More details via

For more information, images, details of the artists please do get in touch.  Opening of part one is on-line at 6pm Tuesday January 2018 and opening night of Part two is at BSMT Space gallery on Thursday 18th January


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