BLUE ART LIST PR: The Something Black exhibition goes live, Interact comes next…

Today, an in-house update from East London’s Cultivate Gallery.

Cultivate’s Something Black exhibition opened at 6pm last night both on the Cultivate website and via the Organ magazine pages, you’re all invited to come take a look at the second on-line experiment and the 65 artists selected to take part in the carefully curated exhibition.  Here’s a direct short link to the Organ page that takes you to the show,  –


The Something Black had just over 6000 views in the first 18 hours, going well so far,  These on-line art exhibitions are proving to be rather interesting, no substitute to the physical Cultivate gallery shows of course but an interesting addition alongside all the other things that happen via Cultivate.. 

The next physical Cultivate show will happen in June. Interact will open on June 15th in a nice big white-walled space called Coate Studios here in Hackney, East London, we’re busy pulling together an exciting line-up of artists for Interact right now, more soon, We’re rather excited about Interact and this new space (to us) just off the Hackney Road….

As always if you’re a blogger or an art writer then your coverage, support, news stories and such via your blogs and websites are more than welcome and of course very much appreciated, if you’re a gallery, artist or curator please do take a look or come along, come and interact…

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