BLUE ART LIST PR: Red, an art exhibition on-line…

Hot on the heels of Cultivate’s triumphant return to Dalston’s  beautiful basement gallery known as BSMT Space with the Fragile show two weeks ago, Cultivate brings you Red.

Opening on Monday February 27th at 6pm, Red will be another gathering of pro-active artists and another exercise in artist-led cross-pollination.

This time we Cultivate on line, sometimes we do it in formal galleries, or in warehouses or at dog shows or under railway bridges or in car parks at the seaside, this time we do it online. A group show featuring the art of 20 selected artists, selected via an on-line open call. Red goes live at 6pm (UK time) on Monday 27th February at and


Opening on Monday evening, Red will run on-line until, well until who knows when, maybe forever? 

RED will be an on-line exhibition. Red will feature the work of 20 selected artists. Submissions are being accepted now via The show will go live on line on the Organ website and on the Cultivate website on February 27th and will run until the world ends (or we do).

The work will be of a red nature, the colour will hopefully unite the show, we’re exploring the submissions now, this is very much an experiment. More details about the open call via

“I’m still not sure how I feel about the notions of art on-line (I avoided instagram for ages and ages), but then that’s why we’re experimenting with it and debating it here at Cultivate. I look at the numbers of people around the world who view the features on gallery openings and exhibitions via both the Cultivate website and in much bigger numbers via the busy Organ website – for instance over eight thousand people viewed the photos (and words) from the Kembra Pfahler show at Emalin Gallery in East London when the images (and words) were posted on the Organ website.  Eight thousand viewers during the week the review went live on the Organ website back at the end of last year.  I very much doubt if anywhere near a thousand people actually physically went to the show when it was on.  My own art website has already been visited by people from New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Singapore, USA and more this morning, nobody living in Singapore can see my art on an East London gallery wall unless they look at photos of the show on-line.

On-line art can never be a substitute for seeing most people’s art in the flesh on a gallery wall (or a street wall, or hanging in a tree, or…), there is no substitute for seeing art right there in front of you living and breathing, right there in the flesh, alive, the texture, the size, the smell – however as artists, we surely can’t ignore the fact that most people see out art via computer screens can we? This surely has to be embraced doesn’t it? Surely we have to experiment with it? And so Red will open on-line next Monday on both the Cultivate and Organ websites, come and see if the experiment works”. (Sean Worrall)

The opening night of Red is on Monday 27th Feb, 6pm at (UK time) at and

For more information or images please contact Ellie at the Blue Art List by return of e.mail

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Yulia Robinson at Cultivate, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Cultivate presents Fragile and more pro-active cross-pollination…


Cutivate returns once more to Dalston and that beautiful basement gallery known as BSMT Space for the third in a trilogy of artist-led group shows  .

Opening on Thursday February 9th at 6pm, Fragile will be another gathering of pro-active artists and another maximalist exercise in artist-led cross-pollination. A room alive with contemporary painters, street art flavours, performers, print makers and more….

Opening on Thursday evening and then a short sharp shock of a show through the weekend and closing on Sunday, no messing about, just artists, walls, people and….  Once more this is about taking art and artists out of those comfortable little boxes that the London art scene appears to need, mixing things up, messing with the rules, nothing fragile.

Last time show curators Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall invited a wallpaper printer (currently hanging in the V&A), alongside a street artist currently painting East London walls, a London dress-maker currently raging against London Fashion week, a contemporary painter currently exploring the view found through a circle, a performance artist freshly returned from her LA performance next to a pro-active artist still questioning the destruction of the mining communities, this time…. well come and see

Opening night is on Thursday 9th Feb, 6-9pm at BSMT Space, 5d Stoke Newington, Dalston (then open Fri, Sat, Sun February 10th – 12th, 11am until 6pm)

OPENING NIGHT PERFORMANCES: Amy Kingsmill, Marnie Scarlet


Emma and I shall be pulling the  final bits of the line up together in the coming days, we like to hold back a little space for some spontaneous last minute gathering together of things like a banner or two from that Anti-Trump Woman’s March last week (have you got one? Did you see Cait’s, she’d call him what?). Expect a couple more names to be added to the Fragile list before the window closes.

BSMT SPACE is at 5d Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 8BH

CULTIVATE can be found at