Cultivate presents HARVEY & WORRALL at WALL & JONES…

wallandjones_may2016This week Cultivate continues roaming around and popping up in all kinds of interesting exciting alternative places and spaces. Following on from recent Cultivate shows at BSMT Space and that Fount railway arch adventure, as well as that 43 minute thing under the railway bridge, this week Cultivate will take over a treasure chest of a two floor space here in East London   Well not so much a take over as a fitting in alongside all the treasure that’s already in that wonderful space.

Wall and Jones is a former tailors shop on the main Hackney Road, London E2, (directly over the road from the Hackney City Farm on he boarders of Broadway Market and Columbia Road Flower Market). Harvey and Worrall shall be presenting some recent paintings and pieces alongside all the colourful fabric, the dressmaking, the handmade jewellery that’s produced in the glorious space, all the vintage treasure, the Edwardian pop art, the velvet, the silk, the sewing machines and the Victoriana. Come find paintings hanging in and around the two floors of treasure next weekend.

Emma Harvey

Emma Harvey

“We’re rather excited about this one, something a little different rather than another white wall…The place has been exciting us both for months we’ve been staring through the windows magpie-like on our way past, the fabrics, the colours, the glorious clutter, we’re excited to have this chance to be showing work here amongst all the beauty”

Harvey & Worrall will open at Wall & Jones, 340 Hackney Road, London, E2, on Friday 27th May for an evening preview (6pm until 8pm) and then be in the space on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May from 11am until 6pm

Sean Worrall, Art Car Boot Fair (2014)

Sean Worrall, Art Car Boot Fair (2014)

Cultivate at the 2016 BRICK LANE ART CAR BOOT FAIR

Once again Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey (Cultivate founders) will be joined by a couple of selected guest artists in out “boot” at one of the art year’s most exciting London events.

This year we have the pleasure of inviting our regular collaborating duo of word-smiths Quiet British Accent and London’s currently rather buzzing contemporary street art flavoured social commentator Skeleton Cardboard. Cultivate has always been about bring through new names, so we are particularly pleased to introduce Mr Cardboard to the Art Car Boot Fair crowds.

Sean Worrall will be producing a series of 43 small canvas pieces, a numbered series of paintings called “Sometimes They Have Thorns (Small Ones)”, each an original painting on canvas, each one numbered, signed and on sale at £10 each and each one featuring the evolving ‘leafheart’ tag that is Sean’s signature.  Once again there will be what has now become the traditional One Hundred Pieced Piece for the Art Car Boot Fair from Sean Worrall. A One hundred Pieced Piece has been produced exclusively for the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair for the last four years, a piece painted in one hundred parts on recycled pieces of cardboard, each piece numbered and signed and on sale at £1 a part with the intention of the art being accessible to everyone, especially to kids experiencing buying original art and encountering artists for the first time (the Art Car Boot Fair is all about interaction)

Emma Harvey will have some of her recent series of hand painted beautifully detailed vintage 78rpm record sleeves at the fair. We believe the Art Tart might well make an appearance with her delicious art tart cake paintings, badges and more again this year. The Art Tart cream cakes and jam tarts only ever come out for the Art Car Boot Fair (and she might have something to do with Emma Harvey’s slightly mischievous alter ego? We can’t confirm that though).

The 2016 ART CAR BOOT FAIR takes place in BRICK LANE on Sunday June 12th. More news soon




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