BLUE ART PRESS RELEASE No8: No permission asked or given, galleries don’t always have to be formal places…

No permission asked or given, galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls… what did happen on day 43 of the year?

Under the bridge...

Under the bridge…

Day 43 of 2016 saw Cultivate co-founder and every busy London based artist Sean Worrall follow up 2015’s year-long #365ArtDrops piece and January’s Reveal show in an East London railway arch with a gallery event called #43.

#43 involved 43 pieces painted during the first 43 days of 2016.  Some of the paintings were once again hung on the walls and fences of East London Streets for people to find and take, others were hung and on sale at a price of £43 each as part of a gallery exhibition under a railway bridge on the side of a road by the canal on Saturday afternoon in Hackney.

#43 found

#43 found

The venue for the show was announced via mailing lists, texts and social media 43 minutes before it happened at 2.43pm last Saturday afternoon. Signs were put up, word was spread, people came, art was viewed (pleased to report some was bought), wine was drunk (well it was an art opening, wine has to be drunk at a gallery opening) and a one day show happened in an art space with no door or white walls and with no permission asked or given…

“Well that was a busy weekend” wrote Worrall later on, “creativity abound in squalor, thing going off, things left on the floor,  art bought or found and off to Manchester, Glasgow, Kent and more. Thanks people, always good to sell art, always good to have people drop by and see the art hanging on a gallery wall.  The weekend just gone was pieces left hanging around East London on day 43, pieces on Brick Lane, on the Hackney Road, Clare Street, pieces left in church yards, on the fence by Hackney City Farm and then pieces exhibited in a “gallery” under a railway bridge in the wind and rain on day 44”

“Thanks to everyone who braved the wind and rain to join us under the bridge (and no thanks to the jobsworth, “you can’t do that” said the man with a clipboard, “yes we can” came the reply) and thanks to all those who went hunting “43 drops” on Friday, thanks for all the social media posts and photos, I see a lot have been taken, sorry to those who went looking and didn’t get one this time. ..”



We shall do it all again on day 86 with another show in another place (or places) watch for the hash tags…

galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls…

Further reading_  The moving tale of the #365ArtDrops piece left at Moor Street railway station, Birmingham….


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#43 left under a Stik...

#43 left under a Stik…


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