BLUE ART LIST: PRESS RELEASE No3 – Diane Goldie opens tonight. The Art Drops get brutal…


Diane Goldie

Diane Goldie

The Blue Art List No3:   Today we wish to politely remind you that Artist, Feminist, former children’s entertainer and maker of wearable art , Diane Goldie is exhibiting her rather unique world at the Vaults Gallery, Waterloo, SE London.

Diane’s show opens tonight Tuesday 3rd of November at 6pm, all are welcome.  Expect a gallery full of art from Diane Goldie and friends, expect performance, a band or two, expect an (anti) fashion show in the tunnel, expect lots… More details and imagery here

#365ArtDrops Part 290

#365ArtDrops Part 290

Meanwhile Sean Worrall‘s year-long #365ArtDrops piece goes on, this weekend several pieces were left hanging outside on the brutalist walls of the The Barbican Centre, as well as on the concrete of the Southbank under cfort and a bus stop or two. We expect there might be a part or two left around the Waterloo, the Leake Tunnel and Diane Goldie’s show tonight for people to take should they wish – More details on this year long piece of art here

Both of the London-based artists are available to talk about their work,. requests for information are welcomed amd hi res images are available up should you need them, web friendly imagery via the Blue Art List website

The Blue Art List is an occasional mailing list bringing you art information from our corner.  We aim to bring you news of artists, art events and things happening down here in the artistic undergrowth. The plan here is to provide a bridge between the art and artists and those involved in the running of the art spaces, the galleries and the art media, we wish to feed you with information, we hope you’ll like what we have to offer, we hope you’ll use it, share it, cover it…

#365ArtDrops Part 297

#365ArtDrops Part 297

The Blue Art List is brought to you by the team at Cultivate/Studio 43/Organ

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You are on this list because you’ve contacted us in the past or we think you might be interested in art and the activity of some of the artists we work with, if you don’t wish to know then please feel free to unsubscribe. We promise not to bombard you with information or mail outs but we would like to tell you about artists, events and such now and again

And of course if you have something you think we should be covering that you are doing via Organ please do get in touch. . .

#365ArtDrops Part 296

#365ArtDrops Part 296



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